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       When I was appointed Head of Programming of GAZE in January, I
       brought all the usual goals and ambitions that come with a peaceful
       transition of power. My predecessor, the brilliant Roisín Geraghty,
       handed over a world-class LGBTQ+ film festival, with a history of great
       programming, and respected amongst film festivals internationally. I
       was eager to put my own stamp on it and implement a few changes.
       One pandemic later, and there are loads of changes - none of which I
       would have predicted!

       Despite all the odds, we are excited to present live screenings in
       cinemas - something which could not have been imagined only months
       ago. We are delighted to be presenting this year’s festival in two
       leading venues: the Irish Film Institute and Light House Cinema. Thanks
       to the great perseverance and dedication of these essential partners
       we will be watching films in cinemas where they truly belong - though
       of course with a reduced capacity and in line with all public health

       We are also massively excited that GAZE 2020 will also take place
       online. Everything in this programme can be enjoyed across the
       country, thanks to our partnership with the trailblazing new platform
       IFI@HOME. In 2020, we are truly an Irish festival, not just a Dublin-
       based one.

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